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Reflective Window Film


Daytime one-way privacy can be achieved by using one of our  reflective window films. The privacy is achieved by providing a reflective appearance on one side of the glass, whilst allowing vision from the other side. The film works on the light balance, with the side of the film that is brightest exhibiting the reflective properties. During daylight hours this is always the side of the film facing outwards, making it ideal for daytime privacy.

The film is an ideal alternative to blinds or curtains which when drawn block the view both ways, whilst also making rooms dark. Privacy window film is designed to allow good light transmission, ensuring that a good level of natural light is allowed to enter the room whilst also maintaining a view. Unlike blinds and curtains, window film is also easy to clean – it can simply be wiped down with household cleaning products.

Two-way privacy can be guaranteed with an application of our Frostbrite frosted film. Once applied, this versatile film gives windows the appearance of acid etched or sandblasted glass, preventing vision from both sides of the pane whilst allowing high levels of light to pass through. The film provides an immediate and stylish privacy solution and can be provided cut to your exact size specifications or by the metre.

Frostbrite frosted film is also available featuring a range of cut patterns, and can also be supplied featuring one of our eye-catching white printed designs, allowing you to create an elegant and eye-catching privacy solution.